peta daerah besut

peta daerah besut

LA HOT SPRING...."This is one of the famous recreation spot in Besut. The water contains natural sulphur, which is said to have healing properties." This is one of the famous recreation spot in Besut. The water contains natural sulphur, which is said to have healing properties. The water temperature ranges from 45 to 49 degree Celsius. Among the facilities provided here are the handicraft shop and food stall. With protected rain forest and variety of flora and fauna, LA Hotspring is a perfect place to do jungle trekking and camping site.

contains natural sulphur which is said to have healing properties. Visitors flock to this spring especially if they are afflicted with skin ailments.
There is more than just healing waters at the La Hot Springs in Terengganu. Located in Kampung La, at the foot of Gunung Tebu complex, La Hot Springs is the gateway to the Gunung Tebu Forest Reserve which is popular with adventurers who come to seek various tropical flora and fauna or to explore rock tunnels, streams and rivers.

The warm waters of the hot springs that run along a stream are very inviting. Many come to take a dip in the waters which can reputedly cure various ailments such as skin diseases and muscle pain.

The more adventurous go abseiling, trek along jungle paths and go caving. Fishing in the river and camping are popular activities.

The rocks are one of the attractions. Under a 20-metre high rock called Batu Bahtera (Ship Rock) is a 15m “secret” passage. Crawl under the rock and you’ll get to the other side. Continue walking another 20 minutes and you’ll come to Sungai Misteri. The river is thus named as it disappears into a large hole near Sungai Ping.

Nearby is a scenic spot, Lata Berangin, where water falls majestically down a 50-metre rocky surface into a pond. Other places of interest include Batu Katak (Frog Rock), Gua Kelawar and Kolam Puteri.

To get to Kampung La, drive to Jertih, about 100 Km from Kuala Terengganu. From Jertih, drive about 30 KM towards Kampung La. The hot springs is 9kms from the village.


La Hot Spring Recreational Park Chalets
      2.     D’ Pinggiran Gunung Tebu Resort
      3.     Primula Coral View
      4.     Bukit Keluang Beach Resort
      5.     Taman azimos Chalet
      6  .   Lata tembakah chalet   

Local Food Stall
      2.     Mastura Jabi Satay
      3.     Sun Tee Restaurant
      4.     Gemilang Restaurant
      5.     Sakura Restaurant
      6.     Medan selara jertih(open at 5.00 pm to 1.00 am avery day)
      7.    Bantera restaurant kg raja
      8.   Sumatra Restaurant(open at 8.00 am to 4.00pm avery day)

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